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Gallery - Campers

Peugeot / Swift Camper , Both rear Corner Damaged . plus Side Corner Damaged.  We       re-manfactured the panels in GRP


Before -




During the repair









Peugeot Camper Repair- Rear panel damage


Fiat Ducato Rumor

Another Camper which had fallen victim to ageing plastics becoming brittle. Also the panels are obsolete.  We made new the  Rear Bumper, side panels and one wheel in GRP and brought this Van back to life

Van without Damaged parts removed


Remanufactured panels


New Panel Fitted - job done






Fiat Apache Autotrail

This Repair was to the shower Tray . Plastic made from the factory many year of use the tray has cracked. To perform a plastic repair would had been a waste of time in this case so once again we decided to manufacture a replacement tray in GRP

A split around the plug area was letting water though to the Camper floor


A pattern was taken from the original tray


The Pattern was used to made a new tray. which was fitted in place of the original


Peugeot E77

This Camper was the unfortunate victim of vandalism. Although only 5 year old van at the time, the bumper had already been discontinued by the manufacture 


We made new