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Gallery - VW Transporters and Extras

Kelly 's '03 X-pack long nose

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Ron's '51 Short Nose love bus

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Richie's Green Goddess

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Brian's '97 orange extreme

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Transporter Gallery


Pip's 2000 T4 - Audiosport VR Front and Rear Bumper with Spats, Side Skirts and Barn door In-fill Box (Custom Made)   Fitted and Painted by Volks Weld, Redruth Cornwall


Dave and Mel's Camper -  We Supplied, fitted  and Painted Vr Front Bumper, Side Skirts and Rear Spats .




Update  -added Audiosport Door pockets, Centre Console, Velle Trims. Colour coded those items and Dash inserts


Dave's 1.9 TDI - Came in for Audiosport Door Pockets , Centre Console ( Custom Modified to accept 8 inch Subwoofer) . We took out the Dash and remove the door Cards , Painted in two colours, Refitted and wired in





Chris' T5 - Was the T5 we fitted our first Sportline Replica Front bumper




Anthony's T5 - Audiosport Sportline replica Front Bumper




Amanda's X pack - Audiosport Vr Front Bumper and Deep Rear Bumper




Buddha's Mean green T4 - wearing Audiosport VR Front bumper, Door pockets , Centre console and Arch builds




Steven's 1.9td - Audiosport VR front Bumper , Side Skirts and Deep rear bumper. Fitted and painted





Lee's LWB  T4 - one of the first to have the Sportdesign front bumper , also first van with Audiosport Can Holders, Plus Door Pockets





Tony's T4 - in for Door Pockets, Velle Trim and Centre Console