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Gallery - VW Transporters

Kelly's '03 X-pack Long Nose


The Base -day one , '03 X-pack. One Previous Owner with full VAG History 

The First job, De-badge Grill

And 19" wheels


Bumpers and mirror colour coded

Didn't like the 19" wheels so they got replaced for 18" Audi RS4's In white.

We Sign wrote the van as well, put the cherished number on and this is the way it stayed for six month-ish



After a little time and some product development it was time for change

Starting with side windows, limo black



Then set to work on the inside

Striped the ply lining out , waxoiled the floor and insulated floor and walls.

Dynamat type sound deadening on the door and the area where the sub is going



with Vinyl flooring fitted time to start on the sub box and amp rack


Sub box load with Rockford Fosgate 12" punch sub in a 2.4cubic foot box ,Amp rack sinks back into the panel and hold 2 x Rockford Fosgate Punch Amps, the rest of the box houses the Aux battery.

With the rear seats fitted and the sib trial fitted, the box and rack comes out to be trimmed along with the trim for the base of the rear seats



Fitted back into the van along with Aux battery to run the sound system


Back to the outside and with a small argument with a bus and yet another change of wheels to Dotz 18" deep dish, plus Audiosport Front bumper added. changed graphics as well



Moving back to the inside, the front doors in-fact.

door cards painted in black satin and Audiosport Door Pockets added along with Audiosport Caravelle style door trim, which all painted in light grey, along with the door handle, matching the grey and black in the seats.

Pockets loaded with Rockford Fosgate Power Component speakers.




Headlining- front cab and rear sections retrimmed by us in black cloth. The centre section is a GRP panel with the Audiosport Logo Airbrushed in to the layers of the panel and a 10" In-phase flip down DVD/Screen and 7 colour LED Downlighters





A Pair of Audiosport Arch builds added to the rear with Rockford Fosgate Prime 6x9 speakers covered in grey carpet.



Next up was the dashboard. Once removed the main body was painted in Black satin and the other parts in grey.

Alpine Headunit control box gas been fitted behind the dash along wuth the crossovers of the front speakers. the Rockford Fosgate Tweeter have been fitted to the top of the dash.





A custom dial pod was made in the centre vent and loaded with gauges.

We made a Tray to sit in the top of the dash.

An Audiosport Centre Console added and fitted with a switch panel and Cup holder from Golf mk4. finished of with a Retro Volkswagen Badge





Made a front for the glove box and finished in grey

Top made for the sub box with the Audiosport Logo layered in.


'A' Pillar plastics smoothed and paint to match. Audiosport side Window trim Fitted and 'B'Trims painted and fitted



Then Changed the rear wheels for 9j Version of the front, These new wheels being an inch wider an Audiosport 'kick-off' panel was needed for the side loading door to clear



New Graphics for the bonnet-the Audiosport Logo


Show Time - Cornwall Jamboree 2011




2012 Brought new Audiosport product which made they way to the van

Side Skirts, Rear Bumper Spats, Front Fog Lamps added to the front Bumper



Another change to the Graphics, the painted the Roof and bonnet line Dove Grey. Then added a black pin strip to define the two colours



Finally for 2012 painted the Centres of the wheels to match the bonnet and roof



Then Showtime Again,

Very Happy to have archived 'Sprit for the Show 2012' At CVWOC Jamboree



January 2013 made VW Bus Magazine