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Gallery - VW Transporters  

Just some of the vans we have worked on

Richard's 2.5 ex AA



The Base -day one

Richard came to us for a full colour change to Ultimate Green( Ford RS )

Plus pair of Audiosport Bumpers



The van had some damage to sill which needed to sorted



The front doors and side door removed for Repairs and to paint the inside

The rest of the body repairs done and primed


All the door shuts, inside the doors, inside the bonnet, wing rails, etc painted in the Ultimate Green. Witch is a Three stage colour - Green Base coat, a Pearl Middle coat ( make to sparkle in the sun light ) and a clear coat.



With the door back on the van it is now ready for the final outside paint



We Manufactured a pair of our bumpers, but Richard decided he wanted something different, so we totalled smoothed the front bumper

With the van painted we put the trim and bits back on.

Richard Refubed his Audi alloy in Black to finish the van.




Richard has since gone on to fit out his interior and showed the van at the CVWOC Jamboree