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Gallery - VW Transporters

Just some of the vans we have worked on

Ron's 51 Plate 2.5



The Base -day one

Wow , where to start - So much has been done to this van. so many Audiosport Products , off-ones and custom parts that went on to be Audiosport Products.

Ron has worked tirelessly with us on the devolvement on the products and future direction of Audiosport and still does.

Thank you Ron

Anyway -this where we started

A very ordinary ex-works van to start with.


So plenty of Bodywork - Tail Gate

The Tailgate had a fair bit of damage but Ron wanted to keep the solid no window tailgate and a replacement was not available so we repaired it


We Fitted a Bumper in fill panel and blended to the door.

Audiosport Rear Bumper Added


We Decided to Flair the rear Arched by using a pair of left over Wheel arches from a bodykit we fitted to another van.

Fibreglass them to the body and blended them with a skim of bodyfiller



We developed our Side Skirt System on Ron's Van



An Audiosport Front bumper was added but the fog light holes deleted and a slot cut in for an intercooler

The The first prototype production of the Carbon Fibre Bonnet was tested on Ron's Van



the last of the bodywork, new with fitted and drivers door.

an in-fill panel for the quarter panel



On to Paint - Ron went for the original Tornado Red with Bumpers, trim and roof in Metallic Black.





Ron went with some very rare (only in the UK) Budnik Wheels, staggered fitment 8.5j x18" and 9.5jx18", so we fitted a 'kick-off' for the side loading door and painted to colour.

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